Carlos Bobbert gives you a warm welcome to his website. My passion and focus of work is the development of people's Talent and StrengthsMy commitment is to accompany and direct you towards the achievement of your work and personal goals. I help you through proven methods of efficiency and effectiveness.

I have ten years of experience as a founder of my company in Chile Talento y Fortalezas (Talent and Strengths), more than twenty years in South America and seven in Europe. Speaking English, Spanish, German and Portuguese, together with having lived and worked in South America and Europe, allows me to support people and organizations in intercultural and international contexts.

People have talents and strengths that can impel them in their change and development. All people have pre-existing talents that can be improved. On the other hand, strengths imply the exercise of the will and we can choose to have them or not. Most people can get them with time, dedication, effort and determination. I’m at your disposal to advise, accompany and guide you in the process of developing all your individual, team and organizational potential.

I will be attentive to your suggestions, comments, problems or aspects related to my services, so that I can assist you and respond immediately and personally.

Kind regards

Carlos Bobbert

Welcome to the development of your TALENT and STRENGTHS (English and Spanish subtitles)

TALENT and STRENGTHS: what they are and how to use them to achieve your personal and work goals. (English and Spanish subtitles)


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