Focusing® technique is one of the most empathic and respectful experiential methods developed in the psychology that I know. With the Focusing® attitude, your suffering is respected while being conversed in a different way to release those voices or moments suppressed, ignored, frozen, or postponed in your life. Focusing® principles and strategies have been successfully incorporated into psychotherapy.

Many times we have an idea of ​​what disturbs us in life. Others, it is just a vague annoyance to which it is difficult for us to put into words. With Focusing®, we can transform this vague feeling into a well-defined "felt sense" with which we can work, dialogue and open ourselves to other processes of psychological development in your life.

Focusing® was discovered by Eugene Gendlin, PhD. who, from his research, concluded that people who make a successful change had at first a vague sense difficult to describe. They made an inner awareness, a bodily sense of their problems. Whether a person can pay attention to what he called "felt sense" or "sense of the situation" turns out to be a  key component of successful develop processes.

Focusing® Trainer, certified by the Universidad Adolfo Ibañez Chile and the International Focusing® Institute New York. Part of my training was with an academic who was a direct student of Eugene Gendlin, PhD., the creator of the method. I had 260 hours of training. Psychologist (2001) of the Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (Catholic University of Valparaíso) Chile, graduated with Cum Laude.

Focusing® Oriented Psychotherapy is a service that I offer since 2005, helping to develop Talent and Strengths to persons and families. Speaking Spanish, English, German and Portuguese, and having lived and worked in South America and Europe, enables me to support people and organizations in intercultural and international contexts.

Meeting Focusing® Oriented Psychotherapy.

Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy, by Gendlin.