With Counseling I assist you if you or your family are going through conflicts, crises, or in search of greater well-being of development of your Talent and Strengths. Includes the prevention and attention of problems of daily life, as well as conflicts related to critical turning points, cultural adaptation, relationships, among others. Counseling arises from a psychological context, so I offer psychological guidance. We work healthy aspects of you, so we move away from the traditional health / illness paradigm.

 In general, the main issues we can work on are:

  • Critical turning points  in life
  • Optimism
  • Personal development
  • Communication
  • Cultural adaptation

I’m a professional trained to provide psychological help and display the potential of your Talent and Strengths. I integrate knowledge of disciplines such as philosophy, psychology, education, medicine, anthropology, among others, using a systemic approach that addresses your specific needs. In our meetings you can expect from me a dialogic, relational, empathic, unconditional and authentic attitude.

Separation and divorce: how to love again

Audio in Spanish. Subtitles in English and Spanish.

Talent of young people to face higher education.

Audio in Spanish. Subtitles in English and Spanish.