Welcome to my services for your PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS, through the development of your TALENT and STRENGTHS.

I have been offering services for professional development such as coaching, training and consulting for twenty one years. In 2010, I founded the consulting company Talento y Fortalezas (Talent and Strengths) in Chile. Since 2012, my company is certified by the Government of Chile to provide consulting services in People Management for public service.

I have more than twenty one years experience in South America and eight in Europe. Speaking English, Spanish, German and Portuguese, together with having lived and worked in South America and Europe, allows me to support people and organizations in intercultural and international contexts.

  • Coaching

    * Focusing® Oriented Coaching
    * Solution Focused Coaching

  • Training

    * Experiential learning
    * Active reviewing®
    * Andragogy

  • Consultancy

    * People management and development
    * Strategic and systemic approach